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this is d w news wives are from berlin tonight in barcelona end of pendency declared and defer the leader of catalonia steps back from the brink karla's put them on says catalonia is overwhelming referendum vote for independence stands but he asked lawmakers to suspend the session bid to give negotiations another chance the spanish government tonight refusing to budge saying there will be no break up will have complete coverage tonight in barcelona and madrid also on the show kenya's opposition leader pulls out of a rerun presidential election right loading and says there's no point in running for office if the old unfair rules remain in place could this destabilization of the country and it wildfires continue to devastate northern california at least fifteen people have been killed and authorities say that number could.
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i'm burnt off it's good to have you with the breakup of spain will not begin tonight in a highly anticipated speech the leader of catalonia has delayed declaring independence from spain saying more time and more dialogue are both needed. told the regional parliament in barcelona that he has a mandate to declare independence but that he will delay taking that step for a few weeks to encourage dialogue ensured for the time being there is no cover want independence declaration let's listen to part of what you said to. me. the spirit. of the referendum says that number of about if. the majority number of of the votes are yes i mean the parliamentary text will mean.
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just what we can see here how do you know. the clarity on your independence is i think the independence of catalonia. your hands in the spiritual order there will be for him after the first of october. we want very much in a two party system. and what we promised the president the president of. government i'm going to tell you what the results of the referendum where. and for the public we said. we are going to have a thank you thank. you. that was the president there of california we want to pull in our correspondents now who are on the story for us tonight moxon's is in barcelona and publisher for us is standing by in madrid both
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of you good evening i want to start with you and you know talk about what we heard from the leader of cavalry and did he go as far as expected or did he pull a political rabbit out of this have. i think we're looking at a kind of a deal if you want an independence lite version that he presented tonight in order to not create losers and winners if you want there were a lot of people outside the parliament waiting for those very words and also inside politicians you can hear the applause the moment he said these crucial sentences without officially declaring independence and the key message i think in his speech was a dialogue dialogue and dialogue that is what he's seeking and i had the chance just now of to speak with one of the key representatives off the protest movement of pro independence protest movement and he told me it is exactly the message the people
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here want to hear they don't want the country going further into conflict that is the scenario they would like to avoid. so the message that you get then got tonight is that the pro independent supporters in catalonia they want this deferred independence eggs they want what they got tonight is that correct. i mean certainly you will have people who are disappointed when i looked around the cafes when on the large screens the everyone followed the speech of course there was a bit of a disappointment you you could you could tell that some people i heard from they didn't admit that but that was clearly that they were disappointed at the same time over the last couple of days i talked to many people on in both camps particularly during the white march where people came out all in white because they didn't want to take sides and even people who voted yes in the referendum for independence said
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look we shouldn't push things too fast we should only announce independence when the time is right and when the spanish site would accept such a thing. and you know we're getting the report now that the president of catalonia has signed the document declaring independence from spain and he's also signed a document which suspends it for the time being how is that going to go down in madrid where you will. well as expected to people's party to find people who are not on money on a government essential he said you know it's the whole thing is a farce and they're going to continue with their firm hand which is what they've said we're still unsure what exactly is going to happen and what measures they're going to take money on a whole is expected to speak in the parliament building just behind me on wednesday afternoon at four pm that we will be getting some sort of statement from the
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people's party at some point it is believed that at the head of the main opposition party at the socialists is going to be having a meeting with money on a holy his residence here in madrid it'll be interesting to see what comes out of that meeting and whether there's going to be a show of unity amongst old parties in the spanish parliament which is something which is doesn't happen very often brendan and it's not often that you see these days these people coming together and being in agreement about something so you know that they've taken essentially a hard line to add the statement today yeah exactly and you've got catalonia basically you know throwing the ball back in madrid's court right if you do one of the ordinary people what are they saying about the fact that now you know they could be looking at more time to deal with this crisis. well i'm glad that you used the word crisis because essentially dot's had the government here in madrid are still treating this i mean at the end of the day the suspension of they said
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declaration of independence and for dialogue i don't know how much dialogue we're going to be seeing between the table but not a whole i'm the cutline regional government considering what we've seen over the past few weeks we did have some sort of indication and that's the sort of people pulled out as a representative there in catalonia said that there's nothing that they can dialogue about there's no reason to tell you like these at the end of the day the constitution of spain is essentially and does not permit to watch as happened this evening in barcelona and you're right it's it's it's an odd situation to be in on the word to blackmail or threats it's hard to understand which it which meaning that they were going for it was used as well by government here in madrid this evening and gave let me ask you before we run out of time the president of catalonia i mean he seems to have left his options open he's bought some more time is he actually a stronger political leader tonight that's a good question brian he just passed me and he left the assembly hall with
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a big smile on his face so obviously happy with the performance he has put forward and the big question really will be how does it go down on the street can. the is there too much pressure for people who want independence and want it now and also within this coalition government because one thing is clear tonight the c u p the very far left the radical left one has to say who supports him is very unhappy about the speech they are the reason because why this meeting was delayed and it remains to be seen whether the pressure from without his government and from the street is something he can deal with in the weeks to come our correspondents here watch this in barcelona and pablo fully in the us in madrid to both of you thank you very much. the world of business is also trying to guess what you know what the president what he meant what he said and what's going to happen to have a year that's right it's a very difficult situation to assess for us and for everyone and also for investors
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of course because they are now looking at the current situation and what is about to come now we can't know what's going to happen but we can see immediate reactions especially in the euro it's now trading at over one dollar and eighteen it hasn't been that high since before the october first referendum it's a clear sign the single currency took a tumble in the days of uncertainty that followed the referendum but it then picked up on tuesday even before the announcement helped by strong export data coming from germany now earlier i talked to echo votes from the barcelona center for international affairs and asked him if he shares the view of the catalan president who said business is moving their headquarters out of the region doesn't hurt the catalan economy. no i don't share it right i mean on the one hand side is right in the sense that just basically it's an appointment with the notary and they change their legal seat from barcelona to neighboring regions like roland c.l.
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so having said that there are some tax income although might. be lost but more importantly it does considerable damage to the image of a cattle loony on all of barcelona it's an open and international place open for business and if that this and certainty should continue of course there might be also some deviation of economic dynamism away from barcelona through these other localities. as well right now or not that much changes on the operational level these banks have to the they are operational we're the people are still going to work over europe having said that illegal seed some ways more than just. just the natural rights although they have operations there there as well these cities will try to attract more business from these institutions and
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above all it does considerable damage to the image of. the one on catalin you know . obviously those difficult times ahead for spain and catalonia thank you very much i got verts for the insight. oh and the independence movement in catalonia the ongoing brics of talks the recent troubles and turkey it's all not that bad at least that's how the international monetary fund seems to look at it it's optimistic for global economic growth a washington based institution raised its forecast for twenty seventeen and twenty eight twenty eighteen now expecting global growth of three point six percent this year and three point seven percent next year the i.m.f. describes the current economic upturn as the broadest in a decade pointing to a stronger than expected upswings in europe china japan and the united states as well as emerging asia good times ahead from the perspective of the international monetary fund but how does wall street see it let's bring in our financial
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correspondent in new york ian scotty yes hi good to see you now do you think investors share that optimism that we're seeing from the i.m.f. . well i mean no rest on wall street do not necessarily need the opinion of the i.m.f. to make up their minds if the economy looks brighter or not in the past couple of weeks months we got some pretty good solid economic reports here in the united states just past week we had the best reading from the industrial sector from industrial production in about thirteen years the car industry seems to be doing a bit better at least we got some hints on that from the latest the car sales so here in the united states overall the picture does look pretty bright and for sure it didn't hurt that the i.m.f. all saw actually higher the expectations a little bit for this year and next by the way the i.m.f. also dusty's some risk especially when it comes to protectionism i mean that's
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a tendency that we might be seeing all over the globe not just from the united states itself and they also some geopolitical events and also could distract overall global growth but bottom line as we did see another record day here on wall street we are shy not even two hundred points for the dow jones industrial average to reach twenty three thousand points for the first time ever but we did not necessarily need the i.m.f. to achieve this goal and surely one of the factors driving those games on wall street is wall nerd i know that they said they saved seven million dollars a year by shortening their receipts but i'm sure that's not the reason for their success is it. well cost cutting never hurts but this amount is. huge what really got investors going here on wall street was the announcement that
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wal-mart is going to buy big twenty billion dollars worth in share over the course of the next two years so that got the stock going by around four and a half percent was a lot for one day performance for a company the size of wal-mart they also said that they're hardly going to increase the number of stores that they have but they will increase heavily their spending into e-commerce they are guessing that next year alone the purchases online will increase by about forty percent they also want to expand the service to offer home delivery for groceries e-commerce that's the big future also for wal-mart and that was also welcome news for investors down here in new york. in new york thank you very much and we'll stay in the u.s. because a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey is making investors nervous on sunday the u.s. stopped issuing non immigrant visas and turkey
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a decision it said was based on security worries turkey we tailgated hours later by freezing u.s. passports out of its electronic visa system and while that's tough on travelers the impact of the spat is also being felt on turkey's markets. more than three hundred thousand turks flew to the u.s. last year in turn almost four hundred sixty thousand americans came to turkey the visa dispute threatens to cut off this important stream of business travelers and tourists. the rao had immediate consequences on the financial markets shares in turkish airlines lost up to eleven percent as the week began. nervous investors sent turkey's main stock market index tumbling almost five percent one point. tension with turkey's allies a series of terror attacks and above all the fallout from last year's coup attempt all this has weighed on the turkish currency the lira has lost half its value over
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the last three years. and turkey's double digit annual inflation rate makes turkish exports cheap but it diminishes turks purchasing power. another danger is turkey's high level of government debt it has to repay more than one hundred seventy billion dollars over the next twelve months ankara now wants to carry out further structural reforms in order to stimulate the economy it hopes that will encourage foreign investment but investors say that some likely without political stability. and if all this causes headaches for investors maybe they can take an advil that brad might change hands though the pfizer stock rose one percent earlier on tuesday after the pharmaceutical company announced it is considering the sale of its consumer health care business the unit makes over the counter products like the chapstick lip balm and advil it could be worth up to fourteen billion dollars in cash and pfizer has asked banks to review the option to see if the sale would make
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sense financially it then wants to concentrate on its bio pharmaceutical products earlier we asked our correspondent in frankfurt john l. do allow and why pfizer wants to get rid of their consumer health care business. consumer health units are often seen as a stable source of revenue for pharmaceutical companies when invest millions and several years and you drug development with no guarantee that the new drugs will make it to market that pfizer is thinking of selling its over the counter unit indicates that it has bold plans to finance investors are speculating whether or not was ition of another pharma could be in the cards like bristol myers squibb a leader in cancer and you know therapies. that was an album allowed in frankfurt that's all from your business desk now expect you to read more world news right now via thank you very much there's been troubling news tonight about people living in poverty they are at a greater risk of being sentenced to death a global alliance of activists working to abolish the death penalty as reported
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that finding today to mark this year's world day against the death penalty so where is the problem most acute well the human rights group amnesty international points to china the world leader when it comes to executions by amnesty international's latest estimates china remains the world's biggest executioner more people are sentenced to death there than the rest of the world combined exactly how many remains a matter of speculation since there are no official figures most information on the death penalty in china is a state secret joining china as the world's top five executioners are iran saudi arabia iraq and pakistan but twenty sixteen did see some changes taking china out of the equation global executions fell from the record highs seen in twenty fifteen just over
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a thousand people were put to death last year down more than a third with the sharpest decreases in iran and pakistan pakistan lifted a moratorium on the death penalty in twenty fifteen following the pasha our school massacre. a wave of executions some more than three hundred people put to death but last year the pace slowed the report found that only a handful of countries were executing people on a large scale last year just four countries were responsible for eighty seven percent of all recorded death penalties. for the first time in a decade the united states has dropped out of the top five the number of executions there is at its lowest point since the early ninety's but amnesty international warns they could go up again this year if a variety of legal challenges to lethal injections are cleared or kenya's office issued leader ryan has withdrawn from
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a fresh presidential elections slated for october twenty sixth said that he's pulling out of the poll because kenya's alleged toral commission hadn't fulfilled his demands for reform adding that the rerun of the election would likely be worse than the previous one the kenyan supreme court had ordered a new ballot in response to a legal challenge filed by. i'm joined now by our correspondent catherine on oneto on the line from nairobi catherine good evening to use this as the be quite shocked announcement what more do we know tonight. it is quite a shock but then when you look at it said you look at the days coming to this particular moment we've seen that the opposition there were signs that the opposition could or wouldn't participate in the election if their demands were not met this saying that they have eleven demands and these demands the electoral
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commission i guess to meet and this is the only way that they can be assured of a free and fair and credible election because the twenty or whenever the election should be held we have heard from president who came to seeing that right loading has moved to remove himself from the rerun election is his constitutional right and the election will continue but experts say that this could be to the detriment of the president because then that would mean that he could be elected. or his presidency would be considered illegitimate if he goes ahead with this election without the opposition leader we also are about to hear from the electoral commission they're still deliberating on this move so far but kenyans are pretty much confused at this point and we are seeing increasing levels of violence. in kenya. they have turned violent sometimes who are these protesters in what are the demands. well the protest is
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a mainly from the main opposition these are supporters of the main opposition leader raul midon and his principles and they are protesting under the slogan no reforms no elections no no elections no reforms and they they feel that until they have reforms that's when they can go into it and the action. the main opposition has called for protests tomorrow so we expect to see people on the streets or we expect to see no people in the streets because it could be the situation that happened during the august day to lecture when the opposition leader called for protests or called for strike and no work to bring quite work and nobody actually followed through with that demand so it's going to it's a wait and see and see how kenyans react to this particular issue but most of those who go on the street and those who support the main opposition already a correspondent catherine on one do in nairobi tonight catherine thank you very
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much of voters in liberia have taken part in a landmark election the ballot could mark the first peaceful handover of power between elected governments in the west african country in over seven decades and president ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after twelve hours twelve years rather in office in final results of the first round are due within two weeks thailand's prime minister who happens to also be head of the country's ruling military junta has pledged to hold a general election in november next year. jaws unexpected announcement comes some three years after the military seized power in a coup now there is reason to doubt that this election will take place the one to have broken several similar similar promises before work. campaigning has officially begun for japan's what were house elections a large over twenty second analysts are calling this snap vote
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a referendum on prime minister shinzo abi who has been in power for nearly five years facing an unexpected challenge from a one month old party but is still expected to win hollywood producer harvey weinstein is basing fresh accusations of sexual harassment and assault the new yorker magazine reports that thirteen women have now leveled such claims against him including three who told the publication that he raped them a spokesman for weinstein denied the latest allegations. or at least fifteen people are now confirmed dead dozens more are missing as while virus sweep through the u.s. state of california the blazes have destroyed more than two thousand homes and businesses hundreds of additional firefighters have been sent from other areas to battle the infernos which continue to move fast with the help of strong winds and arid conditions. the wildfires ravaging northern california's famous one country
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are also breaking out in southern parts of the state fanned by winds whipping across the arid landscape the flames have brought massive destruction the emergency services increasingly stretched it's all depends on how the fire is behaving and what's safe for us to do our primary concern is life safety secondary concern is property protection to hospitals in santa rosa the biggest city in the northern region affected have been forced to evacuate their patients with roaches of also imposed a curfew to deter loses the lucrative wine country of napa valley and sonoma lies directly in the path of the fire as some of california's most prestigious wineries reduced to smoking ruins. it's right behind main office working its way down the hillside. what can i say did it hit holy work and it's way. to destruction playing out in california comes in the wake of the disastrous
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flooding in the american south. it has been a challenging month and a half for natural disasters across this country and with hurricanes affecting texas the gulf coast florida and the virgin islands and puerto rico and i want to say to the people of california all of those and then are in the past of these advancing wildfires that we are with you we are standing with you with the fires still raging right across california authorities say the number of dead and injured can only increase. and here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you the leader of catalonia has suspended the region's declaration of independence from spain in a highly anticipated speech to the regional parliament carlist said that he accepted the mandate of the cattle on people but asked parliament to delay secession in order to find a negotiated settlement. you're watching the news live from berlin after
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a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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